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Hello Guys,

This is Angesh Kumar Gond, founder of AG Digital World. A website that helps you Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Web-Hosting, Digital Marketing, and Making Money Online. So please regularly visit my website AG Digital World and get valuable knowledge here.


My name is Angesh Kumar Gond. I am a blogger and youtuber. I have two Youtube channels. One is Angesh Kumar Gond which has more than one lakh subscribers and another is AG Digital World, This is my new channel on which I teach people about blogging and YouTube. How a person can start a zero and make a good YouTube channel and website.

By the way, I got acquainted with YouTube and blogging world in 2016. In 2016, I started my first YouTube channel but due to lack of knowledge my first channel was terminated within 1 month. After that I started my second channel again, that channel too became Terminate within 20 – 25 days. After this, I started my third YouTube channel, that channel also got suspended after some time, I started the fourth channel and that channel also failed me.

In 2016 I created four YouTube channels back to back and all four YouTube channels were suspended or terminated due to some mistake. After closing all these four channels, I had a lot of experience that now how I have to work, and then I decided that now whatever channel I will build will be base on my interest about which I will get people very well I can tell.

Started its fifth YouTube channel on 31 August 2016. This channel, I started thinking very carefully that whatever video I will put on this channel will be a video about which I will know very well so that I can tell the right information to the people and my channel is never closed.

In July 2017, I joined a network marketing company ( MLM ) and started working. When I started working with that company, I got a very good category that now I will teach people everything they will learn about network marketing and direct selling ( MLM ).

But I got so busy with that company that now I used to put a video in 1 month, 2 months and sometimes 3 months and I used to give all my time to MLM company.

In 2018, I started feeling that now my MLM is not going to happen and I started searching to earn money online. When I started searching on the internet to earn money online, I saw many things and I tried but I could not succeed in any.

One day I came to know about blogging and then I started doing research about blogging. When I started searching about blogging, I understood a lot of concerns and I felt that I can do this work very easily in part-time.

I had no information about blogging. I used to see that it is earning very well, then I used to think about it and started to build a similar website.

I did my first hosting and domain by Go Daddy. That was a website about which I had no idea what work I would do on that website – thinking that the year had passed and that the hosting and domain had expired.

In the meantime, I did two domains and hosting buy again but still I failed. I then bought my fourth domain name and hosting but I still could not succeed in it.

On 19 September 2019, I bought one of my best domain names This website was my success. On this website, I started sharing all my network marketing information with people, because I had a lot of knowledge about marketing. Today on this website 40 to 50 thousand traffic comes every month.

I created 4 websites and all four websites failed because I was creating a website that I had no knowledge about and that was the biggest reason for me to fail.

I want to tell you one thing from all of you that if you want to be successful in life and achieve some milestone, then you should start the work which you have a lot of knowledge about.

If you are starting a work that you are aware of, then you will be able to do that work very easily and for a long time.

Conversely, if you start a work that you do not have any knowledge about, then assume that you will fail. Therefore, you should create a channel or website related to the field in which you can initially tell people your information correctly.

If you want to create a channel or website of that type about which you have no knowledge, I request you all to first get a good amount of information about that field, then go and start a new field.

If you do this, then you are 100% guaranteed that you will definitely succeed in your work.

About AG Digital World

AG Digital World This blog I started for those who are new people, they want to succeed in the world of blogging and YouTube.

I do not want that I have lost thousands of rupees and 2 years of time be with you. Because when a man enters the world of blogging, he faces many challenges.

For example – how to start a blog, what are the things he needs to start a blog, what tools will he have to use to grow his blog, how will his blog get traffic and the biggest problem? How to earn money from your blog.

Keeping all these things in mind, I have started this blog of mine. So that till today I can teach you all the things that you have learned so that all of you can grow in your business and be able to grow.

Let me make it clear to all of you here that blogging or YouTube is a field where you have to spend a lot of time in the beginning. When you give good time, then in the coming time it is guaranteed that you also get returns.

If you are thinking in blogging that I will start blogging and money will start coming from next month, then it is probably not posible. Because you assume that from the beginning of 6 months to 1 year, you will take time to understand this field very well.

When you understand this field very well, then you will get so much from here that you cannot even think.

If you are serious about blogging, then decide today and now I have to give this field a good time and grow.

Your new friend,
Angesh Kumar Gond